The Healthy Living Partnerships to Prevent Diabetes was a research study conducted by researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine and Wake Forest University. This 2-year research program was designed to test 2 strategies for weight loss and diabetes prevention. At the beginning of HELP PD, participants were all overweight and had blood sugar levels higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes. This condition is called pre-diabetes.

301 participants from Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding area were randomly placed in one of two groups. One group attended group meetings led by community health workers focusing on weight loss, physical activity, and nutrition. Members of the other group received individual nutrition counseling from a registered dietician and monthly newsletters about community resources for weight loss. All study participants received health evaluations every 6 months at the General Clinical Research Center of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

For more information about the results of this study, ongoing research in the HELP PD study population, and other resources related to weight loss and diabetes prevention please use the links on the left to explore this site.

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